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Mittwoch, Januar 18, 2006

Digg is spying on us!

I knew It! Digg is a very spohisitcated method to spy out our hobbies, thoughts and so on. Now a new Digg Blog has confirmed that itself.
Seriously, Digg has now a live-search function like or lycos implemented. Watch what other Diggers are tagging. Have fun!

Digg Blog:
"Digg Spy 2.0 Released
Ever wonder what other users are digging, submitting, commenting on, or reporting? Now with Digg Spy v2 you can spy (in real-time) on all site-wide activity.

How it works –
After loading, Spy automatically polls digg every few seconds for the latest site- wide activity. The Spy page is then updated via AJAX to show the latest happenings.

Choose what you want to spy on –
In the upper right corner of Spy are four checkboxes. These checkboxes represent the type of activities you can spy on:

The new page icon spies on newly submitted or promoted stories.
The thumbs up icon spies on newly dugg stories.
The thumbs down icon spies on stories as they are being buried/reported.
The message icon spies on new comments posted to a story.

If you deselect any of these icons Spy will stop looking for that type of activity. (Example: deselecting everything but comments (yellow icon) will only spy on new comments)

Choose the areas you wish to spy in –
The three tabs represent the different areas within the site you can peer into:

‘spy on all stories’ – Selecting this tab will display activity on both the front page and the upcoming digg queue.

‘spy on queued stories’ – Selecting this tab will display activities performed in the queue. The queue is the repository for all newly submitted stories. If you want to help promote up-and-coming stories, this is the place to visit/watch.

‘spy on front page stories’ – Selecting this tab will display the current activities on promoted front page stories."

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