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Freitag, September 02, 2005

Catastropy in New Orleans gets more chaotic

What happens in New Orleans is not funny anymore. The scenes we see on TV are really sad. People there are desperate or frustrated. The mass of people that need to be evacuated grows and the water in the town stays at least for 1 month. Today there were ca. 20.000 refugees at the Louisiana Superdome and they had been transported by busses from the disaster area but people that are trapped in the town have heared the t the superdome was the best place to get a place in the busses. So today there are around 30.000 people around the superdome trying to get help.

I hope the evacuation will be rapidly proceeded and water, medication and food. I pray for the souls that have to suffer this gigantic storm Katrina.

You can get an overview of the Category 5 storm Katrina and the catastrophy management afterwards on CNN:
The Blogspace Echo of the events:
You can listen to a live Intenet radio Feed for and from New Orleans:


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